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Sunday, 21 October 2012

The frozen chicken

Hi guys! :) So I arrived at Keele (ok...a while ago. I've only just gotten round to blogging!). It is quite small here... there are around 30 of us in this student accommodation block but a tiny kitchen unit! We each have a small section of a freezer but it was murder trying to shove that chicken in there. One of its legs kept poking back out. I also have some pasta from home... I reckon I am going to get tired of keep having this wretched stuff... so instead I have opted for supernoodles which will be the staple part of my diet :D I'm a bit worried abut how to cook this chicken as the microwave is tiny and this chicken is a great big brute!
The internet is poo round here and when talking with a friend on Skype it kept freezing horribly so they looked as though they were having a fit. :( We also had to keep shouting because of the dodgy connection and repeating everything we said over 300 times. It was awful trying to ask how the weather was.

I have also brought my giraffe-dog-thing along. I don't actually know what it is as it is short and fat like a dog but has giraffe skin. I have included a photo :)

I'll write more soon :D

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