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Sunday, 21 October 2012

I signed up to the wrong course.

So we have been doing some weird stuff in biomed which has lead me to suspect that I have actually signed up to either 'how to care for your Frankenstein' or 'how to effectively torture people'.  We had to have electric shocks given to us and we are also going to have to look at dissected brains. Yum! That reminds me that I have decided to have the chicken with a grilled marshmallow topping and pot noodle hair. :D We also have to take blood samples from ourselves... no doubt the lecturer is a vampire...
Spoke to my friend again...  she was pulling funny faces using the mirror effect on messenger plus :D

Well Halloween is approaching and I'm planning to get a pumpkin and carve it out with one of the extra questionably large scalpels from the lab. I would get  a plastic cat or spiders but I utterly terrified of them, real or fake. Currently the new phrase is Hubble bubble, toilet trouble as we've had to call Dynarod for the fourth time this week as someone who was playing indoor hockey with my defrosting chicken clumsily hit it into the toilet pan in an own goal. Well they were the ones to use the bathroom door frame as a goal! That really was money down the pan! Though I reckon the reason the chicken slid into the toilet pan so fast was because it was poultryfied!

I have decided to not go into town to get food as it is far away and aimed at people with memory loss; nearly all the shops have a double. Two Boots shops- who really needs two of them? I have instead ordered online another replacement chicken, orange juice and an inexhaustive supply of biscuits. I may make chicken crumble on Wednesday in an orange sauce...
As we are learning about type 2 diabetes, I intend to fully understand the symptoms of it with excessive sugar consumption :)
I'll write more soon :)

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