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Saturday, 10 November 2012

As I prommed...

So I was on TSR again today and saw a quotation that said 'It is hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially when it is not there.' I have been thinking about this all day and have come to this conclusion;
A person who owned a black cat had a power-cut and so their whole house was in darkness during the night. The streetlights have also gone out and they can't find the flashlight.  They are trying to find their cat 'Mr. Tiddles' for argument's sake as Mr. Tiddles has to have his dinner. But Mr. Tiddles isn't in the house as he can't see to find his way home.
From that saying, we can understand we must have a flashlight that we can either find by keeping it in a draw where we know it is or get a glow-in-the-dark one like in Night at the Museum 2.

Lois is at the Trout Inn at Winchester... they serve really nice food there I'm guessing which makes me rather sad and home-sick :( I forgot to get more marshmallows at the shops so I'm rather depressed. Lois promised that she would bring me home a lump of trout in her handbag although I don't much fancy this idea as one wonders when she last turned her handbag out. I don't much fancy all those bits of fluff and flick that might accumulate on a rather old and stale piece of fish.
I remember when we were at school and she found a packet of Orbit chewing gum in her bag. The gum has gone gooey and fused with the paper, but this didn't deter her; instead she eat both the chewing gum and paper!
Anyway, if I have fish, I would rather have something that I know and trust like my beloved scampi bites (even though I am not 100% sure what they are....).
I have read that some large Japanese corporations are stock-piling giant supplies of fish in order to force the price up. Is Japanese scampi more genuine than British scampi? Anyways, I will always trust Captain Birdseye as he is a Captain so he must know what he is doing...
Does he go to work and sit in his office dressed up as a sailor? I'm guessing on dress-down Fridays he goes as a pirate. :)

EDIT: Just changed my mind on having scampi for din-dins as I forgot to order lemon to have with it *sob*.
I am going to have cheese on naan bread instead :D

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