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Friday, 9 November 2012

Cyntura's return

Hello again my little Cynturians ;)
Sorry I haven't been on but I have a million and one things to do... like my online Tescos order which consisted of several boxes of scampi bites :) I don't really know what scampi is.... :S But it is nice anyways. On Google, people tended to argue what it was really and I saw a site that said that 'what is scampi' was a top Google searching term in 2011... so why don't we know? It isn't as though it has to be a closely guarded secret of the government's and yet no-one truly knows the answer...
I also ordered some bananas, kiwis and potatoes. Was going to make scampi and jacket potato but worried that the microwave won't suffice.... I always think that jacket potatoes always look like potatoes with bomber jackets on :D Probably why they are called 'jacket' potato. Also going to have fruit salad but with only two fruits, I am tempted to call it a fruit medley.
Oh yeah! I also have like a gazzilion exams next week :( Lois came on TSR complaining about het psychology KAT (key assessment test) on Monday. I honestly don't have the time to feel sorry for her and reply to her numerous and never-ending stream of messages saying 'OMG!!!!!!! This uni gave be an interview!1!!!11111!!!!' ¬__¬
Might as well give you the rest of my shopping spree:
 petit filous, naan bread, 4pack orange juice, bread , spaghetti, mushroom sauce, stir fry sauce, stir fry , coleslaw and a few other random bits ^__^  I think I have far too much sauce and not enough stir-fry though... I have my 5 a day covered though as I have far too much orange juice! Who needs fresh vegetables?
Going to go on TSR and get some inspiration for my work... 
I prom that I will write more tomorrow :D

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