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Monday, 19 November 2012

Stupid signs

Not been on much, especially TSR as I tend to procrastinate a lot :( I have also nicied-up my blog's appearance (just to annoy people by making it lag :p)

I saw a really stupid sign on the Daily Mail:

It makes me wonder what it is coming to in today's society if we can't even spell a simple word like school corectly. :(

I Googled and found this one as well:
What kind or irresponsible doggy owner would let their dog ride a bike? Also, how do the paws reach the pedals, unless they are special dog-bikes... I shall Google them. *Back!* I have an interesting video for you guys...


I can't actually find anyone who makes bikes for dogs but then again, as this video shows, they can use a kids bike. But why would they want to...???  Whatever next? Well! I found a terrifying advert that might explain what happens if dogs get just too clever...

Maybe soon dogs will become man's best friend as they can text and ride bikes and do other stuff that previously only humans could actually do! Terrifying thought... 

Another terrifying thing; I just read on the Fox News site about these worms that have sharp little teeth and can live in a human for up to 15 years! They can go into any organ in the body they like and quite literally eat you :S Though you can only really get it by eating things like sushi that aren't prepared properly. Still scary stuff though!
I have included a few more photos of dogs doing human things... prepare to be afraid!

This really isn't normal guys.... it won't be long before they take over the world, start serving in your local Sainsburys! Which reminds me, I must get another packer of marshmallows with my next online order... Where was I? Oh, yes. Do not dress your dog up, don't let them play on your Playstation or computer and don't let them ride bikes! It isn't natural...

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