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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Its coming home, its coming home, its coming! Christmas is coming home!


Hi guysss! It is now only 23 days until Christmas!!!!! Or crimbo day as I prefer to call it :) I am organising to go to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland with Lois in a few weeks, but sadly 'T' can't come on the day :( Who can I hit with my bag now? Plus, what if Lois has one of those energy drinks like Monster and goes crazy like she has done before? True story here people: I went to a park with Lois and she had an energy drink. She had only drunk half and went crazy. She thought a tree looked like Gandalf from lord of the rings and was laughing hysterically at a pigeon just flying about. How can a tree look like that person there? Then we had a kung fu fight and then a Pirates of the Caribbean style fight with twigs. Fun times! I will probably have to leave her in the kindergarten area if she goes mental- she acts like a two year old if she has too much energy. Just remember what I told you about the chilli eating 'competition' at Jimmy Spice's.... It says that the Magical Ice Kingdom is cold at -8C but would that be cold enough to store chicken fillets? Or even scampi bites... I don't know how cold our freezer thing is... but if you take something out of it, it looks as though it has just come out of the ice age. Will I freeze if I go to the Magical Ice Kingdom? Anyways, how can it be magical? Surely they are only ice sculptures. I'm sure Lois will have no problems going in there in just a T-shirt as she freakishly never gets cold.
I know she has bought me a present but I haven't had the chance to go to any shops apart from Tescos online and Morrissons. I wonder if she would like to have a BOGOF packet of chicken... although on seconds thoughts, perhaps turkey to be seasonal. :D D: But how would I wrap it up? hmm.... Tin foil can be seasonal can't it? Just wrap the turkey up in that, put tin foil round it and perhaps put a little bow on top! She must learn about student life!

Write again soon my little Cynturians! :D

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