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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Coming home on Saturday

So I am once again returning home on Saturday and I am meeting up with beetroot friend. Her real name is Lois by the way :p We were going to go to Jimmy Spice's to have a chilli eating competition but instead she decided on Weatherspoons because if I am honest, she is a complete and utter cheap skate. She even gets me to use my NUS card to get her discounts! Am actually dreading the prospect of meeting her because all she is going to do is keep going on about our old school and all the old friends who I have escaped from! And also chickens... she seems obsessed by the subject having asked me to take a photo of my chicken in the fridge.

I didn't, so instead I sent her this Google image. Didn't fool her so she kept harassing me about them. Sure taking an extra year in sixth form is driving her nutty; she'd fit in well in the biomed lab.

I am starting to get a bit tired of chicken now... so I was thinking of getting a turkey instead as they are starting to appear in the shops. Not quite sure how I will get it into the freezer, but perhaps if I cut it into small lumps it should fit in nicely. If not I will take up next door's offer on the baseball bat to shove it in. I just hope no-one opens the freezer door too late at night or else it will look like like a Saw movie.

I've got another 'friend'. She knows who she is, her name begins with 'T'. It is a shame that she works on Saturdays otherwise she could come to the dreaded meal with beetroot friend and keep her under control. That said, I usually usually get pleasure from hitting friend 'T' with my handbag. Don't know why if I'm honest, just makes me chuckle. Hahaha! :D I have a sneaking suspicion that if I pop home at the weekend, 'T' plans to put cakes through my letter box. I like to eat her cakes even though I hit her with my handbag. :) C'est la vie as the say!

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