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Monday, 22 October 2012

Online shopping

So yeah, my online shopping now has chicken fillets, not a whole chicken this time. At least they won't be useful as an effective hockey puc. I also went to the shops the other day, and bought a tin of sweetcorn but forgot the darn tin-opener. I tried to open it by throwing it at the wall but decided to stop when a big dent appeared both in the tin and the wall and the person next door was banging on the wall telling me to shut up or else they'd get their baseball bat. I said that this would be useful in helping to open the tin. They weren't amused. At least with online shopping you can't really forget openers as easily but why are there so many varieties when they all do the same thing? Why should I use a butterfly type over an electric one? There are also even also ones that lift the lid off in one go. Who needs all these types, unless of course you live at Downton Abbey.

Our lecturer told us that the brains we will be looking at in class are those of students who failed to do the work well.... I am now terrified. When I heard that university was a new experience, I hadn't realised that prodding around with an ex-student's brain would be one of them. Who needs the 31st of October and Fright Nights when you can just take a trip to our biomed labs? 

I have so much work to do and have no inspiration. I went on TSR instead and spoke to beetroot friend. She told me to listen to music, which I hadn't thought of. I also didn't know what to write for my report but found out in a textbook from the library. I wonder if the library has any good textbooks for student cooking...
A Google search was no good; all the sites were the same. They kept being silly and saying things like Required: one student, big cooking pot, open fire, people to chase after student etc. I just wanted a basic chicken fillet recipe. One said pureed chicken is nice, so I'll give that a try. I have read somewhere that braised tripe is good, nutritious and cheap on a student budget particularly if braised with onions. I'm guessing it tastes like mince as it looks like it... Might give it a whirl.

Write more soon :)

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