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Friday, 26 October 2012

No Weatherspoons for me! :D

Netizens, soz for the delay.
So luckily I will not be able to come home this weekend; our launderette is failing to work at the student accommodation as the buttons don't work and so going to a local laundrette to have the laundry done has eaten up all my train ticket money... oh deary me! At least I can dodge that day out with beetroot friend. She wasn't too happy about it.
The last few weeks have gone so fast! And faster than I thought as I have 9-5 days a lot :( Still got to see beetroot friend around Christmas so I'm dreading that, but at least I'm off the hook for now.

Planning to do something for Halloween; I never normally celebrate it but I expect everyone is going to do something here. I was thinking of ordering a 'Scream' mask online but then I realised that people here always look like that with the amount of time they spend up late at night when they should be sleeping. Therefore I'll stick to the safest plan of cooking chicken and possibly adding a pumpkin sauce... Might also buy some Mr Kipling Halloween cakes for afters. :D

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