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Sunday, 21 October 2012


So I've been messaging my friend and we've decided to meet up over xmas. Not sure where we are going to go but not Jimmy Spice's; when we last went there my friend decided to challenge herself and ate a whole chilli. After going red-faced she persisted in laughing hysterically, prompting any close by-standers to awkwardly and slowly edge away. It was like talking to a living beetroot.
Afterwards we (I went with another friend too ;) ) went to H&M. There were two shops just across from one another so whilst my other friend was looking at the clothes, myself and the beetroot-chilli friend hid in the next shop. I led the way to hide... but went straight to the maternity section! Was largely embarrassing.  The beetroot-chilli friend said 'Is there something you're not telling me?' 'NO!' I said clearly, swallowing hard and not knowing where to look. We hurried over to the jumper section and then to the shoes.

My friend couldn't decide whether to buy some red canvas shoes or not so we had an in-depth pro and con conversation with annoyed women trying to reach the shoes behind us. She got them in the end. Was asking her the other week if she was going to wear them but forgot the forecast was for rain. She said that she'd look as though her feet were bleeding profusely if she got them wet.

Anyway, I hope that it will be as fun as the lunch at Weatherspoons with the same beetroot-chilli friend and another (different) friend. We couldn't decide on a film and when I said that it was all 'a blur', beetroot friend kept cracking jokes by saying 'We should see A Blur' in a French accent.  When 'Katy Perry-A Part of Me' was suggested, beetroot said, 'What, so we only get to see one part of her, like her hand throughout the entire film? Waste of money.'

No idea where to go still... well. At least I have half term in a week to think... so I won't be able to blog for a while :(

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